10 Ways to Ease into Springtime

Springtime. A most beloved season filled with flowering trees, whispers of warm breezes, golden sunlight, creativity, passion, and…sneezing.

In the spring season, many of us (me included) suffer from sniffly allergies, swollen limbs, fiery emotions, and overscheduled days.

You can think of the seasons like this…

Spring is the sprout. Summer is the flower. Fall is the fruit. And winter is the seed.

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Make Your Own Mascara

When I wasn’t living my life for myself, my weekday mornings were characterized by pressing the snooze button several times, jumping out of bed 15 minutes before my bus, throwing some clothes on, and putting my hair up in a greasy bun before flying out the door. It was rare that I made the time to put a brush through my hair, let alone put on makeup.

Makeup used to feel like an overwhelming task that I either didn’t have time for or sucked at doing, so I wouldn’t bother. But what I realized is the way you depict yourself on the outside often reflects how you feel about yourself and your life on the inside. When you take the time to feel beautiful in the morning, it gives you the energy and attention to take care of your body and make it a beautiful day.

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Homemade Hair Gel

This post is in honor of my darling, gel-using husband.

So many of my dabbles have been born out of my own curiosity and have been nearly exclusively just for me. What I didn’t realize until recently is that Mr. Dabblist was feeling a bit left out. My first clue was when I caught him washing up with my beloved manuka honey and then ran out of my bottle of facial oil a week earlier than expected. It was time I let him in to my creative projects.


Bee's Wrap giveaway from MightyNest

It’s a hard task, but I try to keep my home free of plastic as much as possible. Creating plastic is a chemical-intensive process and is known to leach hormone disrupting chems like bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. If you want to know more about the physical and environmental effects of plastic, check out this story from NPR.

In my efforts to be conscious, I’ve converted to glass tupperware and use a plastic bag dryer so I don’t get new bags every time I go to the store or farmer’s market.

And, until recently, I’ve had a hard time finding a good alternative to plastic wrap. But then I came upon Bee’s Wrap.

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