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During my time on retreat last week, I had the realization that over the past year I’ve cultivated a deeper relationship with myself – particularly with my intuition. You know that part of you that has an inner knowing if what is real and true? You have heard it referred to as your gut or your oracle. It can live in your heart, your belly, or even your lady parts (<– mine lives there!).

Your intuition likely has a quiet voice .

A voice that can be drowned out with the stress of work, fear, or numbing agents like food, drugs, and alcohol. But the thing about your intuition is it never goes away. She’s always there, letting you know what your truth is.

For a long time, I thought I didn’t have intuition.

I was living a life full of anxiety, stress, hormonal silencing (more on this in a later post, it’s a doozie!) and forms of numbing. Because once you hear your intuition, it’s hard not to listen. Mine, of course, was telling me about this new life that awaited me – one full of joy and freedom and wonder. And, in order to get that life, I knew I would have to make some pretty big (and scary) decisions. So a little dose of fear with a pinch of numbing agents was my go-to until I finally decided to go for it and align my life with what my intuition had been telling me all along.

What happened next was pretty amazing. I’ve been able to build a business around doing what I love, help people re-align with their own intuitive knowing, and fall even more in love with my life (my body, my marriage, my community, and my business). And all it took was listening to my body and aligning with heart.

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Back when I was working my corporate job, I had this image on the desktop of my work computer. It was an Anthony Burrill print that said “Work Hard and Be Nice to People.”

I displayed it proudly, feeling like it made a statement about who I was (or wanted to be). Humble, driven, people-pleasing, kind, focused.  And while this phrase still very much resonates with and motivates me, it’s my definition of work that’s shifted from then to now.

Work Hard

What does the word “work” even mean?

I have found that the definition changes from person to person, making this is a favorite dinner party topic of mine.

I have found that the look of and feelings around “work” are programmed into our brains in our early years.

It’s how we saw our parents define in it. It’s how our teachers rewarded it. It’s how we saw the world and how it worked. Essentially, we all adapt to our definitions of work as a way to feel like we belong – in our tribe, in our family, in the world.

My work story is a complex one. I grew up in a household where both parents had graduate degrees and worked in high level government and corporate jobs. Belonging in my family meant excelling academically and working in a large organization. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just how I was initially programmed to view “work” and “success”. So, when I got my high-level manager position at my corporate job, I felt a familiar sense of relief flood my body. I had made it. I belonged in my tribe. I had succeeded. But, if you know my story, you know that life was’t the right fit for me and I’ve been spending the last several years un-learning all of these mindsets and behaviors I took on to find my own sense of personal freedom and contentment in this world.

I was the girl who glorified the term busy. Busy meant important. Busy meant full. Busy meant belonging. But busy was hurting my body, my connection with my loved ones, and my access to my intuition.

Busy had to go.

And, even with all of my progress, I find this concept of hard work still comes up for me now and then. Now that I’m my own boss, I’ve found myself facing a new work story.  The work-so-hard-it-hurts entrepreneurial mentality I see permeating start-up culture doesn’t motivate me. It freaks me out and gives me the feeling that I’m at risk being kicked out of the pack if I don’t fall in line and do something that doesn’t come naturally to me.

So I don’t. I have been coming up with my own feminine prescription for hustle and flow.

How do we untangle from this concept of work being hard, a struggle, and exhausting? Here are some of my methods:

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inside my home apothecary

I just finished putting the final touches on my home apothecary corner in my new home and it is a thing of wonders. Most of my life, I’ve dreamed of being a medicine woman with my own garden of herbs, honeybees, and an area of my house devoted to crafting healing potions and herbal remedies.

I haven’t quite gotten to the herb garden and honeybees yet (stay tuned next spring!), but my apothecary corner is up and running. It’s a big change from stuffing bags of herbs into a box in the closet beneath our winter coats and working from the kitchen table (although that worked just fine). This new creative workspace is full of so much promise and nourishing potential.

A few of you have asked what herbs and supplies I keep on hand, and I thought it would be fun to share with you a peek inside my home apothecary. Below is a list of most things I keep on hand.

Mind you, it’s taken me 3 years to build up to this so don’t let the length of the list scare you. It all started with some lavender buds, olive oil, and beeswax borrowed from a friend. Let your curiosity take you where it wants to go.

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DIY Herb Fire Starter + Smudge Stick

We made it to our new home. And several epsom salt baths later, my body is finally feeling back to its old self.

I’ve got a new workspace that’s just itching to be dabbled on, and yesterday I got back to work. It started with a stroll around our front and backyard - scoping out all the herbs and flowers we’ve got going on. It’s late summer, and herbs are abundant! We’ve got sage and rosemary and lavender and so many other magical plants that I can’t wait to learn about.

So it got me thinking, you’ve probably got an abundance of herbs too.  So let’s make some simple, fragrant fire starters and smudge sticks. Smudge sticks, if you aren’t familiar, are bundles of dried herbs that are slowly burned to purify and cleanse a space. Tim and I burned some sage and lavender a few nights ago to help us feel more settled and grounded into our new home.

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Woo! There’s been a lot going on at this end of the magical interwebs.

For starters, we were rocked awake early Sunday morning by a 6.1 earthquake. It felt like we were riding a wave for 10 seconds, which immediately gave me the feeling of total reverence and awe for this great planet we live on. She can really shake when she needs to! Nothing was damaged in our home and we were okay – though I know our friends up in Napa were hit harder.

The next morning, Tim and I talked about upgrading our emergency survival kit. It’s something we’ve tended to put last on our to-do list, and I have been known to snag a bag of rice from our “earthquake box” when in a pinch for dinner (oops!). But after this quake, we got serious about upgrading our “in case of emergencies box”. This is a great guide, if you are looking to do the same.

And that leads me to the next big thing that’s happening — we’re moving!

After 4 years, The Dabblist HQ is moving from our 3rd floor apartment in Oakland, CA to a sweet little house beneath the trees of Mill Valley, CA. The moving truck comes this weekend and I’m currently writing you from the couch surrounded by packed boxes and bubble wrap.

This move feels like a big shift for me. I started The Dabblist in the little galley kitchen of our apartment. We got married and went on our honeymoon while living here. I have come to know just the right spots in the kitchen that get the best light at the perfect hour to take photos of my dabbles. I have my corner of the couch, where the kitties lay beside me and I take client calls. It all had become so familiar.

There are so many things to look forward to in our new home (space to garden, a whole laundry room meant just for us, a mini treehouse, and a wood stove fireplace) but I will always have such fond memories of our sweet lil apartment.


Natural Zit Treatment


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