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Linen spray seems like such an indulgence, I totally get that. I don’t usually go to the store seeking it out, but ever since a good friend gave me a precious bottle of linen spray as a house warming gift several years ago, I’ve been thinking of how I can make it on my own. Turns out, it’s fairly easy and makes a great gift you can make yourself.

Combine the following in a pretty glass spray bottle:

2 oz cheap vodka

4 oz water

10-15 drops essential oils (I used rose hip and lavender)

Shake up the bottle before use. I like to spray it in the evenings right before we head to bed. A little indulgence can be a good thing.



26 Responses to Make Your Own Linen Spray

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  2. Emily says:

    Just out of curiosity, why the vodka? Couldn’t you just use water and essential oils? Or what purpose does the alcohol serve? Thanks!

  3. becca says:

    Hi Emily! The alcohol serves as a preserver.

  4. Gail G says:

    Will isporopyl alcohol work as well as vodka? I would think it could be interchanged with similar results?

  5. becca says:

    All my teachers have told me that isopropyl alcohol is far too harsh and to never use it for herbal remedies, so I don’t. Maybe someone else can weigh in on this? I’d love to know more!

  6. Becca, you’re right; the alcohol is too harsh, however you can use it if you don’t have vodka in the house. Vodka is more pure & “cleaner” than isopropyl alcohol, therefore, it’s a better choice.

  7. becca says:

    Aha, that makes sense! Thank you, Sheila :)

  8. susan says:

    Hi, is there a website where you can order the spray bottles at a reasonable price? thank you..

  9. Trish F says:

    To me isopropyl alcohol, is to medicinal smelling and will change the scent of the EO you are using. I use all vodka, because it dries quicker and when I used to use it at my office it would disinfect my keyboard & phone after the weekend.

  10. Gail G says:

    Thanks-no drinkers here and I’d hate to go buy a bottle of vodka, although I’m sure I’d eventually use it up making things like this. Considering that this recipe is more for making the linens smell pretty, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the alcohol being harsh on the medicinal properties of the oils but I certainly wouldn’t want to harm the smelly goodness :-)

  11. Emily says:

    If you choose not to use any alcohol at all, do you know how long the water and
    EO’s stay good for?

  12. becca says:

    Susan, I ordered these bottles from Specialty Bottle. I think there are 8-10 in one order but I find uses for all of them throughout the year (or as homemade gifts!).

  13. becca says:

    Hi Emily!

    The alcohol helps the EOs mix into the water, so I still recommend using it. If you don’t, you’d probably need to give the mixture a vigorous shake before spraying and keep it in the fridge for about a month, maybe 2.

  14. Stephanie says:

    I’m wondering if this would stain white sheets. Has anyone tried this on white linen before?

  15. Stephanie says:

    I just bought some lavender and rose hips EO’s and was also wondering if you meant 10-15 drops of each scent in the bottle?

  16. Robin Batchleor says:

    Can you also you other scents the same way?

  17. MsticalPrincess says:

    We recently got infested with bird mites from an empty next outside our front door and went crazy trying to get rid of them. After much research, I found there are 2 things that help kill them….91% rubbing alcohol and Lavender essential oils. So I purposely use 91% alcohol (straight) and the lavender oil. No water. I spray EVERYTHING in my house with it. Lines, carpets, walls, etc. Finally got rid of the pests (they are so tiny you can barely see them with the naked eye but they crawl ALL over you). I even had to take an alcohol shower to get rid of them when they were in my hair!!! But even now that I got rid of them, I still use the alcohol mix on a daily basis on our bed and sofas…just in case, because they say these buggers can stay in creases for up to 8 months without having to feed. So while vodka is much better if you are going to use on your body….the straight alcohol is good for fleas and mites. Just a little tip. It is my understanding this helps with bedbugs too.

  18. becca says:

    Oh WOW! What an ordeal you had to go through. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m glad you could find a body-friendly, lovely smelling solution to getting those mites out of your home and body!

  19. Carol says:

    For those of you not drinkers like Gail G, I’m not a drinker either, but I always have organic gin and organic vodka around to use for recipes like this, and for my most favorite gift: homemade vanilla!!! the bottles are about $20. each here, and if you don’t drink, they will make quite a few gifts like this linen spray and/ or vanilla, so I feel it’s well worth the $20!
    Susan: specialty bottles are a GREAT place to get bulk bottles, but if you are just looking for a few, Mountain Rose Herbs has them as well.

  20. Tonya Griffeth says:

    I know has inexpensive bottles (glass and plastic) but I think the largest size is 4 oz. They have a lot of other EO supplies as well such as roller bottles, diffusers, etc. :)

  21. becca says:

    Awesome recommendation, Tonya!

  22. Aromadabbler says:

    When I used perfume grade alcohol to combine with essential oils, the liquid becomes cloudy. How do I create a blend that produces clear liquid? Thanks!

  23. Becca says:

    I haven’t tried perfume grade alcohol. Only cheap vodka and witch hazel. Perhaps try one of those? Otherwise, if the aroma works with your spray and you can ignore the cloudiness (or cover it with a pretty label), then maybe it’s ok. :)

  24. Lori says:

    For my linen spray I use Polysorbate 20 as an emulsifier, to blend the water and essential oils together. I also get my bottling supplies from Specialty Bottle, they seem to have the best prices. I was wondering if Witch Hazel would work instead of rubbing alcohol or Vodka?

  25. Becca says:

    I’ve never worked with Polysorbate 20. Interesting! I’ll definitely check in out, Lori.

    Witch Hazel is a substitute but I find vodka works best for me.

  26. Lori says:

    I’ll try vodka then and see how that works. Thank you for letting me know. I’ve had excellent results with Polysorbate 20.

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