I’m Becca, and I believe in the practice of working with your hands.

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Because, when we honor that primal desire to take raw ingredients and turn them into something beautiful, we experience a greater connection and engagement with ourselves and the world around us.


Dabbling is…

  • Being present in the act of creating.
  • Releasing perfection.
  • Indulging the creative desires you’ve always wanted to get around to trying but never allowed yourself to.
  • Tapping into your inner child – the one that whispered to the trees, had invisible fairy friends, and felt pure and utter joy when her bare feet touched the cool grass.
  • Remembering the wisdom and craftsmanship your great-great-grandmothers once knew and practiced.
  • Awakening the maker inside you – the one that is aching to get her hands dirty again.


This website is a place for you to escape from the world of overloaded inboxes, exhausting to-do lists, and plastic-bland-uninspired days.

This is a place for you to put down that heavy load of “shoulds” you’ve been carrying, pick up your paint brush (or journal or wildflowers or hammer and nails), and give yourself that inspiring full-mind-body-massage that comes from creating something into existence. 

I know it works, because it did for me.


As a child, I would spend my days catching butterfly fairies, giving cold cream facials at my backyard beauty salon, and whispering to the trees as I scurried up every branch I could reach. I had an alter-ego named Madame who wore long gloves and my mother’s silver cocktail dress and initiated an elaborate handshake with everyone she met.

Life was playful and adventurous.

By age 10, I had my list of colleges picked out and started living my life checking things off a list to get me there. Playing the trombone in band, on the tennis team, writing for the school paper, performing in musicals, working part-time as a coffee barista – everything I did was a calculated decision to get into a good college so I could stay on top of the proverbial heap.

I went on to get my MBA and worked my way to a profitable management role at a top tech company.  I got everything I wanted, but I felt disconnected from the part of me that felt truest, and my body was starting to show it in the form of mysterious pains and unhappy skin.

I had finally reached the top of the ladder…but realized it was leaning against the wrong wall.

Becca in Home

But you know what got me out of it? Dabbling.


I would spend my weekend and evenings in my kitchen–crafting lotions and potions and working with natural ingredients to heal my body and spirit. And I remembered what brought me joy and contentment in life.

And in 2013, I quit my tech job and started running The Dabblist full-time.

It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve felt more alive and in my purpose than ever before. And I’ve been sharing my journey every step of the way.

Because I believe that, when we tap into our inner maker – that creative being that is inside all of us – we can create beautiful things in all areas of our lives.

What I’ve Created For You


I guide a year-round sisterhood for creative women seeking to deepen their connection to their inner creative wisdom and the natural world called The Dabblist Collective.

Every holiday season, I teach a program to get you back into the true spirit of the holidays and make beautiful gifts your loved ones will adore and cherish.

I also talk about doing business by the cycles of the moon (with a dose of irreverent real talk) on The Lunar Lab Podcast.


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Want even more? Here you go!

  • My favorite movies are Pride & Prejudice and Interstellar
  • I met my man on the internet back when it was weird so, for the first few months we were together, I lied and said we met at Chili’s where I was a waitress at the time.
  • I have 2 adorable kitty cats named Gorilla and Atticus Finch
  • My favorite kind of event is a themed costume dinner party
  • I am an extremely animated talker that can sometimes freak people out


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