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It’s pumpkin carving season! I’m sure you knew that already but, you see, this was the first year I actually needed to be reminded about Halloween and all the celebration that comes with it. Adulthood, it’s rough.

Luckily I’ve got some lovely friends that invited me to a pumpkin carving party where I was quickly brought up to speed on all things Fall 2012. We wore sweaters, drank cider, ate chili and pumpkin cupcakes, and got down to business with our pumpkin stencils.

And now I get to repurpose the remnants of that glorious night. Let’s make Cinnamon Maple Pumpkin Seed Butter.


Approx. 2 cups raw pumpkin seeds

4 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp. sea salt

Roast pumpkin seeds 15 mins at 300 F.

Combine roasted seeds in food processor with all other ingredients and run for at least 5 minutes. You’ll know when it’s ready, it’ll be creamy and smooth. Enjoy immediately and refrigerate after.


6 Responses to Cinnamon Maple Pumpkin Seed Butter

  1. This look’s delicious! Gonna try it this weekend. Found you on BYW. Love your blog design.

  2. Sarah York says:

    Yum! I went to a pumpkin carving party over the weekend, but sadly didn’t know what to do with the seeds.. I love pumpkin flavored things, so I bet this is delicious!

  3. Becca this looks delicious and has great timing 🙂
    I’ve been browsing through your blog and love the look of the recipes and the mix of posts. I was drawn to your blog by it’s title and I relate very much to your reasons and attitude to blogging. There is so much out there isn’t there! I’m going to enjoy the next year blogging about whatever I like to see what works for me and any readers I may have. Your own blog should be a total pleasure and yours clearly is. x Gabs

    BYW student

  4. Lana says:

    do you think this would work with spaghetti squash seeds?

  5. becca says:

    Hi Lana,

    Hmm, I’ve ever tried that. Give it a shot and let me know how it turns out!

  6. Clare says:

    mmmm. I used pumkin seeds and almonds. Thanks for the recipe!

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