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Feedback from our Members


Being part of this community has made me get back in touch with a forgotten part of myself. I’ve made time for my creative interests and in result have brought back much needed wonder and a little magic in my life.Heather

What I love the most about The Dabblist Collective is the amazing community of women that Becca is building. I appreciate having a place that I can go to for support, questions and feedback when it comes to creating and living the life I want. – Emily

Not only has the Dabblist Collective inspired my creative spirit, but the beautiful community Becca has woven together has provided the perfect space for connection and loving accountability. I am so grateful. I feel truly blessed to share in the wisdom of women coming together in this way.Kelsey

I love learning new things from new sisters in the Dabblist Collective. I never would have met these wonderful people any other way, and Becca is a wonderful, fearless leader.Ali

The Dabblist Collective gives me a space to share the exploration of my own creativity and embrace my vulnerability. This community of women is warm, kind, and accepting which makes it easy for when it’s my turn to celebrate their vulnerabilities/exploration/victories.Sam

This community is so warm and supportive of each other. I love to be amongst other dabblists where there’s accountability but no real pressure or rigid structure.Antonia

This community has given me courage to step out and represent myself as a talented maker and teacher. Since I began and set my goals I have achieved ore than I ever thought possible. I feel so supported and encouraged by Becca and our sisterhood, and look forward to growing even better!Leslie

When I found Becca and this community, it turned my own intentions up a notch…woo hoo! – Shelby

The community of women that Becca has brought together have made me celebrated anther than lament the differences between me and other women. I have found it easy to be vulnerable and open, something foreign to this mostly guarded and fearful girl. I feel loved and supported; and it helps me in my hardest of days.Kate

The Dabblist Collective is such an empowering experience. I love to have a way to focus my creativity each month.Tess

I am beyond excited to be a part of this collective sisterhood. I feel like I have found a whole new world to express my creative self and tune into my own inner wisdom, the wisdom of my sisters, and the world around me.  – Chancie

I love how each of us, have become ‘sisters’, to each other, not really knowing who or what we all are. We are women brought together, by the dreams of becoming more creative, finding ourselves and encouraging our ‘sisters’ to find that creativity. – Jan

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