5-7 Creative Day Retreat Page

Join me in my sweet + magical town of Mill Valley,CA for a rejuvenating and sense-tickling day with an intimate group of extraordinary women.


Picture this:

Candles, flower petals, fragrant oils, glass bottles and ribbon and twine, handcrafted teas, herb infused water, giggly girlfriends and *me* guiding you through making artisan-quality creations that you will be able to take home with you.

And all throughout the day, you are celebrating and learning about the beauty, mystery, and magic of working with your hands.

In the past, we have made everything from tinted lip balm to candles to herb infused culinary salt to love potion cordials.

You’ll go home with a delightful gift bag filled with your items and creative inspiration that will have you feeling alive and radiant. I provide a nourishing lunch, all the supplies, and delightful surprises.

All you have to do is show up ready to play and have your creative flames fanned.

The Next Creative Day Retreat:

Saturday, May 7th


Mill Valley, CA


Deadline to sign up: Tues, May 3rd

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nisha cut out

“I didn’t know how much I needed this Creative Day Retreat until I walked in the door, but as soon as I entered the space, I knew I was about to drink deeply of the medicine I’d been craving. It felt so good to put away technology for a day, and get out of my head and into the fun of playing with my hands.   The day was absolute bliss!” – Nisha Moodley





“As a busy entrepreneur and screenwriter, I am always looking for ways to recharge my creative battery. After a sun-soaked day filled with laughter, delicious food, and delightful dabbles, I drove home with a goody bag stuffed to the brim with balms & tinctures and a flower crown (that I refused to take off, because… ummm… life should be a flower crown.) Since my husband lovingly steals everything I make with Becca, I’ll definitely have a mandatory date with each of her Create Day Retreats.” – Melissa Cassera





“I was having a less than perfect week, but from the minute I showed up to the Secret Garden, all of that was left behind.  The experience was playful, creative, and downright gorgeous! I felt like I was treating myself like a princess (which rarely happens)!  I highly recommend Becca’s Creative Day Retreats – the balance between guided activity and creating your own masterpiece brings out the dabblist in all of us!” – Andrina Q



silvana circle

“If I had to describe Becca’s Creative Day Retreat in one word it would be magical. From the breathtaking location to the scrumptious food and everything in between I felt like a Queen all day. It felt so good to get out of my head, connect with my femininity, meet charming new friends, and play with flowers and create potions all day. I can’t wait to head back to California so I can experience another retreat!” – Silvana P



LR heart head shot

“The Dabblist Creative Day Retreat is amazing!  Allow yourself the time to let go and be guided by Becca’s knowledge and  energy as well as your own creative juices.  Everything with all natural ingredients; chocolaty nibbles and decadent lunch,  to the nature around you is deeply nourishing for the soul, and so much more.  I highly recommend the investment in time for oneself to create amazing treasures, friendships and inner balance!” – Laurie R



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