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Craving a little spa time and your girlfriends? 

No more wine guzzling, judgmental gossip-fests on that leave you feeling frustrated and undernourished. Let’s flip the script on girl’s night and take care of you at the same time.

Make your next girl’s night a rejuvenating one by following this easy party guide. Follow the steps below and just say ahhhhh to self-care and sisterhood.

1. Choose Recipes + Get Supplies


Feel free to check my site for tutorials for self-care, nourishment and natural beauty. I’ve included 3 easy recipes below that have been a hit at women’s creative retreats I’ve held at my home.. 

Choose your recipes, make a list of supplies, and either make an online order (amazon prime for the save!) or divvy out the supplies to each of the ladies attending.



Cinnamon Rose Sugar Scrub

Supplies & Ingredients: container, sugar, oil, dried rose petals, cinnamon, vegetable glycerin, essential oils, mixing bowl


Aromatic Shower Tablets

Supplies & Ingredients: baking soda, lavender, chamomile, coffee grinder, essential oils, muffin tins


Linen Spray

Supplies & Ingredients: glass spray bottles, cheap vodka, water, essential oils, small funnel (optional)


2. Invite with Intention


When sending the email or text invitation to your best girls, set an intention for the evening.

Let them know you want to enlist their help in creating a night of pampering, relaxation, and sisterhood. Get them excited about the recipes you plan to make and ask them to help with bringing some ingredients and nourishing refreshments (spa water, anyone?).

3. Set the Scene


chocolate and garden wine

It’s the day of the party. Take a few minutes to set the scene for an evening of fun, playful energy. Light some candles, put on a playlist of songs you love, and place all the supplies on the floor or table where you’ll be getting your dabble on. 

I enjoy making some snacks and beautiful beverages ahead of time to serve to your beloved girlfriends. Try making some dark chocolate bark with rose petals and chia seeds and whip up a batch of garden wine to delight your senses.

You don’t need to let your inner perfectionist hostess take over here. This night is about playing with your girlfriends and making relaxing, beautiful home spa products to take care of you at the same time. What matters is that you have a blissful, relaxed smile on your face at the end of the evening.  


4. Let the Magic Unfold


You’ve prepped the house, taken a few deep breaths, turned up the music, and your ladies arrive. Now it’s time to relax into the magic of the evening. Try staying away from surface level conversation. One great question I love to ask at these events is, “What are you most excited about right now?” That one always gets some really juicy answers.

When women come together in a space of creativity and nourishment, amazing things happen. Enjoy the beautiful moment you’ve created.



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